About Las Animas Made...

Las Animas Made was initiated by Tidbits of Southern Colorado to help drive the growth of a diverse community of local Artists, Makers and Producers.

The idea is to bring creative entrepreneurs together, identify their common strengths & weaknesses and through networking and collaboration overcome obstacles and achieve great things together. Creating brand awareness and increased sales beyond Las Animas borders is a core objective.

The end result being a sustainable, local “creative” economy.

Who We Are:

Las Animas Made will become a public benefit corporation with a board of directors focused on business development and cooperative marketing. We intend to be a community of Creatives. Las Animas Made will partner with retailers and restaurateurs, community organizations, media makers, institutions, special events, and business service providers to build the creative economy of Las Animas County.

Our Mission:

Las Animas Made’s mission is to grow the Las Animas County Creative Economy through supporting homegrown businesses and providing development activities that assist these businesses in creating more business and jobs.

Our Vision:

Under the “Las Animas Made” banner, we will leverage our unique historical assets, the spirit & culture of our people, and the artisan products we produce to help Las Animas thrive.

What We Do:

Las Animas Made does projects that can’t easily be done by member businesses alone. Together, we create sales opportunities, administer campaigns and promotions, provide access to expertise, advocate for shared issues, and create branding that links our creative businesses.

Our Goals:

Assist in building the reputation of the Las Animas County as the center for rural sophistication in Southern Colorado and as a regional destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Assist in building the reputation of Las Animas County as a center for artistic, creative, decorative, functional arts and craft products.

Our Objectives:

Create an association of businesses that benefit from selling their products as “Las Animas Made.”

Build recognition, align community support, and encourage the promotion of Las Animas Made businesses and products.

Create a direct channel for Las Animas Made businesses to receive economic, community and business development services and expertise that give Las Animas County products a competitive advantage.

Develop and implement a Las Animas Made marketing plan to reach buyers and media outside of Las Animas County.

Design branding tools that make Las Animas County products easy to identify in the marketplace.

Promote the experience of Southern Colorado’s rural sophistication through tourism by organizing and promoting tours of Las Animas Made Makers.

Business Membership Criteria:

You are an Artist, Builder, Maker or Producer

Your business is owned and operated by a Las Animas County resident.

Even though your business may have a presence in other geographic regions, your main headquarters must be in Las Animas County

At least 50% of the total labor to make, market, and manage your business is based in Las Animas County.

At least 50% of your company’s employees are based in Las Animas County.

Your product and business must be legal in the State of Colorado.

These goals make sense to you: Artisan, Natural, Environmental, Crafted, Earth Friendly, Genuine, Wholesome, Idealistic, Entrepreneurial, Original.

Your business must market or plan to market outside of Las Animas County.

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